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    Ecommerce Development Company in India

    Having a website is a good way to promote your products online. However, you need to ensure that your site is user friendly and easy to navigate. It is also important that the website is SEO optimized.

    Marketing strategies to build an eCommerce website in India

    Choosing the right marketing strategies to build an eCommerce website is a great way to increase sales. But a lot of businesses aren’t leveraging the power of eCommerce marketing. The good news is that there are many effective techniques to get your business noticed and grow.

    One of the most important strategies for an eCommerce site is personalization. The goal is to make sure your visitors are getting the information they need. For example, if you sell hiking gear, you might target adventure travel. Or, you might target a specific age group.

    Another important marketing strategy to build an eCommerce website is SEO. Search engines are looking for relevant content. You can help your site rank higher in SERPs by building backlinks from authoritative sites.

    You can also use PPC for conversions and awareness. Namaste Technology PPC campaign can position your site in front of relevant customers from the day you open your shop.

    Responsive website design makes a website usable for consumers

    Having a responsive website is essential for a positive user experience. This is because it makes the site easy to use and navigate. It also provides an opportunity to engage with the site and allows users to access content from all their devices.

    If a site is not mobile-friendly, it can negatively impact your search engine ranking. Google rewards sites that are user-focused with higher rankings. This can increase traffic and sales.

    The number of web viewers using mobile devices is on the rise. This is mainly due to the convenience of having such devices. The increasing popularity of these devices has prompted the development of responsive web design.

    It is important to keep in mind that some devices will need to be doubled or tripled in size to accommodate images. This is something that is often overlooked in responsive web design.

    SEO is essential in today’s tough competition in online marketing

    Increasing the visibility of your website is important for the growth of your online business. A better-optimized website can generate more visitors and increase the chances of conversions.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that can improve your website’s position in the search results. It involves a number of strategies, from on-page to off-page tactics, to boost your site’s visibility.

    The process of SEO is a time-consuming one. The effort can take months to materialize. However, a well-executed plan can bring more traffic and more revenue to your online business.

    A good SEO strategy can increase the quality of your digital marketing, putting your brand at the top of the search results for relevant keywords. This is because a search engine is looking for content, inbound links, and external off-site factors that can help it determine the relevance of your site.


    Namaste Technology Founded in 2017, Namaste Technology is an eCommerce development company in India. Its team of skilled engineers and creative professionals have experience in multiple platforms. The company specializes in custom web and mobile application development services. The company uses the latest technologies to provide the best solutions to their clients.

    Namaste Technology company works with a wide range of clients. Namaste Technology have worked with startups, large enterprises, and government organizations. The company offers a range of services that include web and app development, eCommerce solutions, social media platform, and mobile AR. The company has worked with many global brands, including Bata, Johnson & Johnson, PayPal, and the Indian Army.

    Namaste Technology company is one of the best eCommerce development companies in India. The company has over 200 clients and has worked on a number of projects.


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